Emerson Suites Audio Upgrades Complete


Contributed by David Prunty

The Office of Conference and Event Services is pleased to announce the completion of the renovations to the audio system in the Emerson Suites. We are confident that you will notice improved audio services in the Emerson Suites once our student staff have returned and are fully trained on the new equipment.

In the meantime, we would like to take this opportunity to clarify the audio and visual services that are provided by the Office of Conference and Event Services. As you are aware, student Audio/Visual Technicians provide the majority of our AV services. We have developed a list of services that all of our students should be able to provide after training. These standard services are:

All services are dependent on the availability of staff and the existing equipment inventory. Many additional services are available with consultation from professional staff in the Office of Conference and Event Services.

Please contact Phil Huber (x3313) with any questions regarding the renovations to the Emerson Suite sound system and/or the basic audiovisual services we can provide.

Contributed by Phil Huber