Deleting Virus-infected E-mail


Contributed by Michelle Hammond

In order to protect your computer from e-mail viruses, we have been removing any viruses that are attached to e-mail messages and then delivering the "stripped" message to your account.

This was meant to ensure that an otherwise legitimate e-mail message would still arrive in your mailbox. Given the volume of recent messages that viruses are generating, this has become impractical. Many users receive hundreds of stripped messages daily.

Rejecting the messages (returning to sender) is also not practical, since the virus often uses a fake e-mail address in the "from" field. Also, viruses have changed; they rarely attach themselves to legitimate e-mail.

Effective immediately, we will be deleting any infected e-mail message that comes from a remote (non-Ithaca College) mail system. Internal Ithaca College e-mail will be scanned as before, with any virus removed and the remaining message delivered to your mailbox.

If you have any questions, please contact the ITS Helpdesk

Contributed by Information Technology Services