Task Force on Common Experiences


Contributed by Lynda Walters

In an effort to move forward on the College Institutional Plan, the provost charged a representative group of faculty and staff to make recommendations on a set of common experiences for all Ithaca College students -- the Institutional Plan, Goal 2.

Considering cocurricular as well as curricular experiences, the Task Force on Common Experiences has been attentive to the differences and complexities of the individual schools and their respective curricula and the interests and concerns of students.

The group first met with the provost in April 2003 and has been meeting biweekly during the fall semester to share information about the kinds of successes other colleges have had with common experiences, to review past and present activities at Ithaca that relate, and deliberating the key competencies and skills that might be pertinent as shared academic experiences for all students. The task force is seeking to find the components of "the Ithaca College experience."

The task force is committed to involving the whole College community in discussions about this issue. In the spring semester, roundtable discussions will allow the task force to elicit input from the entire College community.

Task force membership:

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