News From IC Purchasing


Contributed by Gail Wagner

The Ithaca College purchasing department reminds iParnassus users that there is a drop-in session for iProcurement on Wednesday, November 19, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. in the West Tower, 14th floor.

Bring your questions or ask for a hands-on demonstration of any of the iProcurement functions. Call Vanessa Brown, 274-7088, to register.

The purchasing department is pleased to announce special Staples end-of-the-year pricing for office shredders.

GBC model #488252 (28-30 sheets) list $2,899.00, now $1,616.00
GBC model #895336 (20-22 sheets) list $1,649.00, now $999.99

These can also be purchased on the Staples Employee Personal Purchase Plan (details available on the purchasing department website). Call purchasing at 274-1482 for specific details and special ordering instructions.

Contributed by Gail Wagner