A New Look for iProcurement


Contributed by Gail Wagner

iProcurement has a new look! The Purchasing Department would like Parnassus users to note the overall new look of iProcurement.

The changes are basically cosmetic and give the home page and requisition pages a cleaner, easier–to-read look plus a few new added features that we feel you will really like.


New features: More detailed information about these revisions may be obtained at the ACE page by clicking on the Parnassus tab, then the "Financial Support Documents Index" link under the logon. Then click on "iProcurement Users" link.

Please call the Purchasing Department with any questions you may have or sign up for one of our drop-in sessions posted on the ACE page after tabbing to "Parnassus" and clicking on the "Support and Training" link.

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    Contributed by Gail Wagner