Kudos to LeaderShip Grads and Current Participants


Contributed by Deborah Merriman

Kudos to several LeaderShip grads and current LeaderShip participants for their enthusiastic willingness to do leadership service on campus! As volunteers, these leaders were educated on the process of serving as focus group facilitators for the strategic planning initiative of the Roy H. Park School of Communications.

Mary Tomaselli assisted in the coordination of the team by soliciting those who had graduated or are currently participating in the LeaderShip program. Sandra Herndon, professor in the Park School and chair of the communications graduate program, provided an education session and materials for the volunteers in preparation for their important roles as facilitators. On February 19, 2004, an impressive number of faculty, staff, and students attended the lunchtime focus groups session to provide valuable feedback for the planning committee.

This opportunity allowed LeaderShip volunteers to increase their core competencies by learning how to conduct focus group facilitation. Ithaca College now has a team of focus group leaders that can be tapped into for future initiatives.

LeaderShip volunteers who participated are: Duane Corbin, Kirra Elliott, Vicki Estabrook, Martha Gray, Deb Harper, Kristiina Heptig, Carole King, Brian Martinson, Linda McLain, Bill Pelto, Cindy Reckdenwald, John Robertson, Shelley Semmler, Kelly Stevens, Graham Stewart, Tanisha Graves, and Mary Tomaselli.

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