Staurowsky Quoted on NCAA Academic Reforms


Contributed by Steve Siconolfi

Ellen Staurowsky, a professor of sport management and media, is quoted in several media outlets.

Staurowsky was quoted in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times (see below), and was interviewed on KFRU radio in Columbia, Mo., during the morning commute time.

From an article in the Los Angeles Times (April 30, 2004, Friday home edition, D1) by David Wharton, Times staff writer:

NCAA approves academic reforms; schools faced with threats of postseason bans and scholarship cuts if athletes fall short. But some fear the plan doesn't go far enough.

Proclaiming a "sea change" in the direction of college sports, NCAA leaders passed legislation Thursday that for the first time threatens teams with stiff penalties when players stumble in the classroom. . . .

"If meaningful reform were to come from this, that would be great," said Ellen Staurowsky, a professor of sport management and media at Ithaca College in New York and a member of an academic group that has pushed for athletic reform.

"I do harbor some concerns," she said. "We're ratcheting up the pressure, but we haven't really changed the way the system works." . . .

But Staurowsky and others in her organization, the Drake Group, say they worry the reforms fail to address the roots of the problem. . . . "If there's still so much pressure to win, then what kinds of protections are there that we're not going to see an increasing amount of academic fraud?" she asked.

Contributed by Steven Siconolfi