Lisa Maurer Presents to National Symposium


Contributed by Priscilla Quirk

Lisa Maurer made a presentation at the National Tobacco Symposium.

Maurer, coordinator of LGBT Education, Outreach, and Services, was an invited guest presenter at the third National Tobacco Symposium on Young Adults in Long Beach, California.

The symposium was sponsored by the Bacchus and Gamma Peer Education Network (the nation's largest organization committed to education, training, and support for peer educators focusing on health and safety issues in higher education) and The symposium is an invitation to a broad spectrum of student affairs professionals, researchers, health educators, students, and community members to join together to learn more about one of the greatest health problems facing young adults today.

The LGBT Center's 2002-3 LGBT student smoking cessation/prevention initiative was nominated by Priscilla Quirk for the Henry W. DeJong Award for Vision and Leadership in College Tobacco Control. The initiative was not selected for that specific award, rather Lisa was invited to attend the conference by the sponsors, all expenses paid, as a guest presenter. Lisa presented two sessions, one on the Ithaca College LGBT student smoking initiative and ways LGBT people are targeted by tobacco companies, and the other a roundtable forum about diverse populations and health disparities and ways to design effective tobacco awareness initiatives within these frameworks.

For information about the LGBT student smoking cessation/prevention initiative, see Tobacco & LGBT People.

Contributed by Priscilla Quirk