Ithaca College on


Contributed by David Maley

The perspectives of Ithaca College seniors as they prepare to enter the "real world" are featured in a story on, the website of the all-news cable network.

The story can be seen at Ithaca College graduates enter new 'real world.'

As part of its coverage of the 2004 election season, is sending correspondents to the colleges where they studied to report on issues affecting young voters. Lauren Gracco, a 2000 graduate of the School of Humanities and Sciences, interviewed several students during a recent visit to campus. Among those quoted in the story are Student Government Association president Julie Zeldin, Ithaca College Republicans chairman Roger Custer, and Students for a Just Peace cofounder Eric Lieb. Other institutions featured in the series, titled "Back to School," include the University of California at Berkeley, Emory University, and Amherst College.

Contributed by David Maley