Employee Assistance Program Provides Services


Contributed by Deborah Merriman

People who work together are like extended families. We spend a tremendous amount of time with our coworkers and often become friends.

When a colleague has a serious illness or dies, it can often affect us in ways that we may not anticipate. It can be a sad, confusing, and sometimes scary time for coworkers to experience the depth of these feelings. Ithaca College would like to invite you to share our grief and our memories with each other. Several representatives from the College's Employee Assistance Program, Employee Network Inc. (eni), are on campus today, June 9, at the following locations:

The Office of Public Safety welcomes any visitors.

If you have any questions, please call the benefits department at 274-3245. If you wish, you can contact the EAP directly by calling 1-800-327-2255.

Contributed by Martha A. Turnbull