HR Rolls Out New Discounts Web Page


Contributed by Deborah Merriman

The Office of Human Resources would like to introduce you to a new feature of its website that will enable you to find out what current discounts and/or promotions are available to IC employees. The actual discount flyers, coupons, etc., will be maintained in the foyer of the Administration Annex.

One such discount being offered is for the Renaissance Festival in Sterling, New York. Ithaca College's annual Discount Weekend is July 17-18, 2004. Discount tickets will be $16.00 for all members in your party. You must show your Ithaca College ID at the gate. Children's Weekend is July 3-4, 2004. Children get in free.

Although the College does not promote one business over another, at times the Office of Human Resources is approached by individuals wanting to offer discounts or special promotions to IC's employees. It is our hope that by establishing the website and centralizing the location of any special promotions, this will allow employees to take advantage of the offers, but, at the same time, not place the College in a position of having to select which discounts and or promotions to endorse.

Should you have any questions pertaining to the discounts, please contact the Benefits Department at 4-3245 or

Contributed by Cheryl Freer