Online Resources for "Living Downstream"


Contributed by John Hickey

To assist discussion leaders for the First Year Reading Initiative, first-year students, and other readers, the College library and the Division of Interdisciplinary and International are providing a website with links to relevant information about the division's Distinguished Visiting Scholar Sandra Steingraber.

The website includes full-text biographical summaries, text of articles, and websites, as well as relevant books and videos about Ms. Steingraber, her book Living Downstream, and the issues she raises about cancer and the environment -- including her summaries of the book's structure, and recommended sites for environmental detectives.

Further suggestions of readings/viewings to include will be appreciated.

Thanks to Ms. Steingraber and others who have suggested resources; to John R. Henderson, creator of the Sustainability and Environmental Studies guides; to Lis Chabot, College Librarian who encouraged the library's participation; and especially to Assistant Provost Tanya Saunders, dean of the division, and all involved in selecting this fascinating and relevant book.

Online Resources for First Year Reading Initiative

Contributed by John T. Hickey