AED Locations on Campus


Contributed by Kathy Farley

AEDs -- automated external defibrillator's -- have increased in buildings across campus.

To provide the campus community with access to an AED in the event of a cardiac arrest emergency, units are installed in dedicated cabinets throughout campus at the locations listed below. The wall-mounted cabinets are white with a clear Plexiglas door and are very similar to a fire extinguisher cabinet. The AEDs do not administer a shock to a person who is not in cardiac arrest. Therefore, the risk of causing harm to someone by hooking the unit up to a person is nearly non-existent. Because of their safety features, they are useless to someone wishing to take an AED and use it to play a prank on another.

The AED Committee asks you to take a moment to familiarize yourself with the locations of AEDs.

Campus Center: In main lobby, above fire extinguisher cabinet to right of Grand Central Café

Center for Health Sciences: Second floor, northeast portion of building, on the concrete block wall to left of elevator (around corner) in alcove, to right of door to corridor to Smiddy Hall

Ceracche Center: On concrete block wall above fire extinguisher cabinet in corridor that "Ts" with the Athletic administration hallway on second floor (down hall from Room C-120)

Dillingham Center: Box office lobby on concrete wall to left of exit doors, east side of building

Fitness Center: On concrete block wall to left of blue light telephone, behind front desk

Whalen Center: North side of building, 3rd floor, in Ford lobby area on purple wall below clock, to right of elevator

Health Center: On stone wall, to left of courtesy telephone in main entrance vestibule

Hill Center: Main lobby, north end to right of drinking fountain

Park Hall: South entrance, main lobby on east wall, to left of fire extinguisher cabinet, on white concrete block wall

Textor Hall: On brick wall in corridor, above wall-mounted heater directly across from pay telephones and Rm. # T104

Warehouse/Physical Plant Shop: On concrete block wall in between time clock and key box

Ithaca College Boathouse: Immediately on the left as you enter through the main door

College Circles: In the center corridor, outside the lounge

Towers: to be determined

For more information, check out the new CPR-AED website: Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) Program. The committee training schedules and sign-ups will be posted on the website for future use. If you have any questions on a class, please contact Kathy Farley, 274-3294.

AED Committee:

Contributed by Kathy Farley