Automatic Novell Client Update for Windows XP/2000


Contributed by Karen Sunderland

Beginning on Tuesday, July 27, users of Windows XP/2000 computers will begin seeing prompts for the installation of a new version of the Novell client (the software that allows access to the Memphis, Pulsar, and Nova file servers) upon logging into their computers.

There will be an option to decline the installation, but users should choose the affirmative option. (The update prompt will appear at each login until the installation option is accepted). The update will take a few minutes, after which there will be a prompt to reboot the computer. (Note: If the "Workstation Only" box is checked on your Novell login screen, clear the box for the next and all future logins).

The automatic update process is being deployed in order to ensure that all Windows XP/2000 computers have a current version of the Novell client installed to provide maximum compatibility with Novell network services. Please note that some computers that have recently had the Novell client updated by an ITS technician may already be displaying the update prompts. The automatic update process will be ongoing; update prompts will appear periodically as new versions of the Novell client are released (generally not more than once per month).

Windows 98 computers are not currently affected, but may be included in the automatic update process in the future. Macintosh computers are not affected by this process.

If you have any questions or problems with the update process, please contact the ITS Helpdesk for assistance at 4-3282.

Contributed by Karen Sunderland