Alternative Company for Office Supplies


Contributed by Gail Wagner

To: All Department Office Supplies Purchasers
From: Gail Wagner, Purchasing Department
Re: Office Supplies Alternative
Date: August 2004

The Purchasing Department is pleased to announce an alternate office supplies company, Boise Office Solutions. Boise may be accessed online at its website to compare pricing or to place online orders with your departmental procurement Visa card. Boise offers free next-day delivery, no minimum order, and as an introductory incentive, you will receive a one-time $15.00 credit on your first Boise order (see No. 6 below).

Please print the instructions below -- use the printer icon at the top right corner of this story to access the printer-friendly version -- and follow the directions carefully to open your Boise account. Call Gail Wagner at extension 4-1482 for a Boise Office Solutions catalog, for an official "Boise User Guide," or if you need further assistance. We hope that you will enjoy this additional office supplies alternative.

Accessing the Online Boise Office Solutions/IC Ordering System:

1) Type or visit the following website:
Username: (your last name, lower case, followed by "ic" with no spaces (example: smithic)
Password: bos1

(A confidential Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be e-mailed to you after you log on for the first time. Please record your PIN for future reference next time you log on to Boise. You may use this PIN to log on in place of your username.) Bookmark or add this site to your browser's Favorites menu.

2) Validate your personal information, embed your Visa procurement card number, and change your password by selecting the gray "Your Profile" tab at the top of the page: 3) To return to the Boise home page to browse the catalog or place an order, click on the gray "Manage Orders" tab at the top of the page or press your browser's back button.

4) You may contact Boise Customer Service for assistance by clicking on the blue "Customer Service" link at the top of the page or by clicking on the green "Live Online Assistance" tab.
a) At the blue "Customer Service" link, you may also request a Boise catalog, return orders, trace or track orders, or request product information.

5) You may browse the catalog by refining your item search to keywords (such as "pens") and define it further by requesting "Contract Item" (for which we receive special negotiated pricing), "Recycled Items," "Promotional Items," etc.

6) An easy way to find toner cartridges: You may browse the catalog to find toner cartridge pricing by clicking on "Browse Catalog Only," then "Continue," then click on the "Refill Finder" tab at the top. Select your product, make, and model and the system will match the toners available for your machine with pricing.

7) Special introductory $15.00 one-time rebate: After you have placed and received your first office supplies order from Boise, fax a copy of the packing slip with a brief cover letter to our Boise customer service rep, Jim Gustafson, at 275-0683 to receive a one-time $15.00 credit. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of the credit.

Please, no furniture, seating, copier, fax, or computer purchases. Call the Purchasing Department for assistance in purchasing these items.

Please call Gail Wagner in Purchasing at 274-1482 if you need a Boise catalog or detailed User Guide, need assistance, or have questions. We welcome your feedback!

Contributed by Gail Wagner