Ithaca College Policy Manual


Contributed by Deborah Emnett

The vice president and college counsel works with departments to review and revise policies and ensure compliance with new laws and regulations as they are passed.

The Ithaca College Policy Manual (ICPM) is posted on the website of the vice president and college counsel and is listed under "Policy Manual" in the College site index.

  • Ithaca College Policy Manual

  • Hard copies can be obtained by contacting Deb Emnett, 274-3836, in the Office of the Vice President and College Counsel, 320 Job Hall.

    This publication was designed to serve as a central place to house the policies that relate to all Ithaca College faculty, staff, administrators, and/or students. The manual is set up as follows: *In an effort to restrict volumes III, IV, V, and VI to members of the IC community, these volumes are only available off campus with an Ithaca College faculty or staff email username and password.

    As a reminder, if a department or division creates a policy that affects one or multiple constituencies of the campus community (e.g., all employees or all students), the policy needs to be submitted to the appropriate vice presidents for review and approval. In the event of legal action, the policies in the policy manual will be used in the College's defense. Therefore, we ask that you also not duplicate any College policies on your web sites, but link to the policy manual.

    Contributed by Nancy Pringle