Double Dose of Democracy


Contributed by Meg Jamieson

Wednesday, October 6, at 1:00 p.m. in Park Auditorium; there will be a screening of Sue Dorfman's Dying to Vote in conjunction with the audio documentary Listening to Antigua. Both projects connect the reasons to vote with an outcome worth struggling for.

All makers will be present, and voter registration forms are on hand. The event is free and open to the public.

Listening to Antigua

In May of 2004, 10 Ithaca College students joined 10 students form the Caribbean island of Antigua, to explore and record that country's markedly democratic shift in government. The committed and energized electorate turned out in record numbers -- 91% of registered voters voted for a new government. This 16 minute audio documentary explores the desire for change and the places where the voice of the people of Antigua could be heard: from the radio, to the church, in music.

Dying to Vote

Voter education, registration, and mobilization are ongoing processes, not just election year activities. Dying to Vote is a documentary video that builds upon the momentum of such campaigns by providing an account of the historical human cost of obtaining the right to vote and contemporary efforts to engage unregistered and disillusioned registered voters in the political process.

Contributed by Meg Jamieson