Town of Ithaca Water Main Project


Contributed by Susan Shutts

The Town of Ithaca is currently making improvements to the water supply system.

The Town started phase two of these improvements on Monday, October 4, and they have 45 days to complete these improvements. During this time, the water supply to the campus will not be affected.

Improvements to date have included an extension of a transmission water main from route 96B on South Hill to Buttermilk Falls Road, two new water storage tanks, water main extensions to the water tanks, a pump station, and a control valve facility.

Phase two places a new 16" water transmission main from route 96B across the Ithaca College Campus to the existing pump station on Pearsall Place. The new main will be constructed across Ithaca College property from Coddington Road, to the north of Emerson Hall, along the woods to the south of the Public Safety building, by the compost facility, to the north of the practice fields and out to 96B.

The project will involve some minor blasting being done. The blasting will occur on a small piece of wooded land to the northeast of the Public Safety building and away from any buildings or pedestrian walkways. This new 16" main will allow Bolton Point flow to the West Hill Service area via the New Coy Glen Pump Station. The larger 16" line will also allow Ithaca College to irrigate its athletic fields without placing a strain on the system.

If there are any questions, please contact the physical plant division of Construction Planning and Design at 4-1537.

Contributed by Richard Couture