Panel on Finding Work That Matters


Contributed by Tracey Cross-Baker

Career Services presents a coffee talk series event -- Passions: Finding Work That Matters.

On Wednesday, November 10, Career Services will be presenting a coffee talk series event, a panel of presidents and CEOs discussing how they found passion in work and how you can get it too.

Panel members include:

Panelists will give advice about how they landed their jobs, and a question and answer session will follow the discussion.

For faculty and staff who work with students who are beginning a job or internship search, this panel promises to be an excellent opportunity to learn how others have found professional experiences that have made an impact. All values -- from making a difference when serving others to making a financial success -- will be included.

Finding Work that Matters is the perfect program for anyone still trying to find that one magic career goal or for someone who is looking for a little career inspiration.

This event starts at 7:00 p.m. and will be held in Emerson Suites A (in the Campus Center). There will be free coffee and snacks, and all are welcome. For more information, contact Career Services, 1st Floor Gannett, or call 274-3365.

Contributed by Tracey Cross-Baker