911 Cell Phone Project


Contributed by Anita Costa

We are Ithaca College students taking a sociology class called Family Violence. This course allows us to examine the context of violence within families and relationships and look for ways society, individuals, and institutions could end the cycle of violence.

With the help of the Advocacy Center of Tompkins County, we are organizing an outreach program to inform the community of issues surrounding domestic violence. The 911 Cell Phone Project is part of a national initiative to collect cell phones and distribute them to those with lives impacted by domestic violence.

Since all cell phones, when charged, can dial 911 free of charge, they are used as a lifeline for those in violent situations. We know that many people have extra cell phones and hope that you would be happy to donate yours to this important project.

Please take your unneeded cell phones to any of the following donation collection sites:

Thanks for your help.
Alexe Berner '05, Anita Costa '06, Joshua Redman '06, Crystal Rue '05

Contributed by Anita Costa