Engaging Democracy Series: Zillah Eisenstein, February 16


Contributed by Marian Brown

Zillah Eisenstein, professor of politics at Ithaca College and activist, educator, and researcher, will speak on "Imperial Democracy: Gender Decoys and Racial Enemies."

Her presentation will take place in the Park Auditorium on Wednesday, February 16, at 7:00 pm.

Eisenstein's presentation will offer insights gained from her research for her latest book, Against Empire. She is the author of many other volumes, including: The Color of Gender; Global Obscenities: Patriarchy, Capitalism and the Lure of Cyberfantasy; HATREDS: Racialized and Sexualized Conflicts in the 21st Century; The Female Body and the Law; and Manmade Breast Cancers.

Eisenstein is much in demand, both nationally and internationally, as a public speaker on the politics of class, sex, and race, and on feminist theories.

She has been chosen to be the Eminent Scholar of 2005 by the International Studies Association and a panel will be devoted to her writing at their annual conference in March, 2005, in Honolulu. Her recently published book Against Empire has been simultaneously published in England (Zed Press), India (Kali Press), Australia, and New Zealand (Spinifex Press). This January she was in Kerala, India, at a global anti-war conference. She will be delivering guest lectures at the "Women in War" conference at the Harvard Law School in April; the International Conference of Arab Women in Cairo in May; and the Institute of International Peace Studies in Dublin, in June.

For more information about Eisenstein and her work, see Zillah Eisenstein.

Contributed by Marian Brown