Take Your IC Pride to the Next Level


Contributed by Graham Stewart

Attention: Ithaca College Faculty and Staff
Are you a graduate of Ithaca College? Well, let people know it!

Here in the Office of Institutional Advancement we've been working hard to increase pride on campus. As many of you know, there are at least 150 faculty and staff who are also graduates from Ithaca College.

So, for those of you who are Ithaca alumni, we suggest the following ways to show your IC pride:

1. Add your class year to your email signature (check out ours below).
2. The next time you need to order business cards -- again, add your class year.
3. If you use nameplates on your doors or desks -- add that class year!

All very simple, with little or no cost or time. Send a message and show your pride!

Thank you!

Office of Institutional Advancement Alumni
Todd Bowers MS '92
Lisa Cavataio '98
Marsha Eger '70
Craig Evans '84
Erica Hallock '02
Maura Keenan '93
Peter Kilcoyne '05
Nancy Oliver '97
Gretchen Schaffer DeBolt MM '93
Graham Stewart '81, MS '01
Tom Torello '87
Sean Vormwald '01
Pam Warner '02
Lori Watkins '85