Announcing New All-College First-Year Seminar Program


Contributed by Laurie Wasik

The Ithaca Seminar, the new all-College first-year seminar program will be initiated during the fall 2005 semester. The pilot program will offer 400 first-year students, from all five schools and the Division of Interdisciplinary and International Programs, the exciting opportunity to enroll in one of ten interdisciplinary courses with a total of 19 sections being offered by faculty members from across the College. Class sizes will be small. Some of the courses have multiple sections that sometimes meet as a larger group. Each section has its own faculty member. All seminars will fulfill liberal arts and general education requirements.

Goals of the Program:

1. Provide all first-year students with an engaging academic and intellectual experience that will set the tone for the remainder of their studies at Ithaca College;
2. Foster learning through exploration, engagement, and reflection;
3. Build a foundation for future study incorporating an academic methodology based in reading, critical thinking, writing, speaking and listening, basic research skills including information literacy, and presentation; and
4. Connect learning with other aspects of academic life, including residential life, the College cultural/intellectual community, character development, and the responsibilities of citizenship.

Fall 2005 Courses:
"Experiencing College Athletics: The Myths and Realities of Playing"
Katharine Kittredge –- English
Stephen Mosher –- Sport Management, and Media

"Identity and Digital Environments: Who are you in Cyberspace?"
Dianne Lynch –- Dean, Roy H. Park School of Communications
Kim Gregson –- Television and Radio
Dennis Charsky –- Organizational Communication, Learning, and Design

"Improvisation and Composition"
Louise Mygatt –- Music Theory, History, and Composition

"Making Sense of the World: How our Senses Inform, Guide, and Enrich our Lives"
Ron Schassburger -– Exercise and Sport Sciences

"Math Art and Nature: Exploring the Inner and Outer Worlds"
Dani Novak –- Mathematics and Computer Science
Jack VanDerzee -– Mathematics and Computer Science

"Other Bodies/Our Bodies: Disabilities in Literature, Media, and Society"
Bruce Henderson -– Speech Communication

"Saving Nature: A Look at Whales"
Nancy Jacobson -– Biology

"Sustaining our Worlds: Connecting People, Prosperity, and our Planet"
Keri Lee -– Chemistry
Susanne Morgan –- Sociology
Valorie Rockney –- Writing
Jim Rothenberg –- Sociology
David Saiia –- Business Administration

"What’s New? Creativity and Intellectual Property in the 21st Century"
Hadley Smith -– Writing

"Worlds of Music: Understanding Musical Meanings in a Global Context"
Naeem Inayatullah -– Politics
Baruch Whitehead -– Music Education

For further information, contact Jim Rothenberg, program coordinator, at [ ].