Zillah Eisenstein Receives International Recognition


Contributed by Thomas Shevory

Zillah Eisenstein was chosen to be the Eminent Scholar of 2005 by the International Studies Association. A panel was devoted to her writing at the annual conference, March, 2005, in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Her recently published book Against Empire : Feminisims, Racism and 'the' West has just been published in India (Kali Press) and Australia and New Zealand (Spinifex Press). She has delivered and will be delivering guest lectures at the Women and War Conference, Harvard Law School, April 8, 2005; the Center for Black Diaspora, Depaul University, Chicago, April 21, 2005; the International Conference of Arab Women, Cairo, Egypt, May 21, 2005; and the Institute of International Peace Studies, Dublin, Ireland, June 14, 2005.