IC Journal Published


Contributed by Toni Cooke

The Ithaca College Journal of Race, Culture, Gender and Ethnicity was published for release on April 26, 2005.

The journal is a student initiated project that strives to enrich our campus' intellectual culture and discourse in a number of ways. It creates a venue for student academic work outside the classroom. It promotes dialog about the issues and complexities of race, culture, gender, and ethnicity, and their impact on identity, consciousness, and diversity. It also provides undergraduates from all disciplines with a foretaste of graduate school and professional writing.

The editorial staff for the journal includes Zoe Paolantonio, Ivan Topalov, Catherine Bender, Kimberly Gillman, Jaclyn Kelly, Joseph Ewoodzie, and Andreas Schneider. Acknowledgements are extended to the Center for the Study of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity, Office of Multicultural Affairs, Office of the Provost, Student Government Association, Department of Sociology, Department of Anthropology, Diversity Awareness Committee, Humanities and Sciences Honors Program, and Ms. Tami Hastings for helping to make this project a success.