Students Present at Mathematics Conference


Contributed by David A Brown

The 12th Annual Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference
Williams College, Williamstown MA. April 30, 2005.

This conference, focusing solely on the mathematical research work of undergraduates, provides students an opportunity to present their work and interact with other students and faculty from colleges and universities in the Northeast. Supported by the H&S Ithaca Fund, the following students presented their papers.

Chloe Epstein '05, "Path Length Structure of Asymmetric Fractal Trees." Faculty mentor: David Brown

Erin Solfiell '05 and Heather Byrne '06, "Black Code Finger Games with an Even Number of Fingers." Faculty Mentor: John Rosenthal.

Daniel Richards '05 and Patrick Engle '06, "Black Code Finger Games with an Odd Number of Fingers." Faculty Mentor: John Rosenthal.

Erica Cohen '06 and Douglas Robinson '05, "Binary Finger Games." Faculty Mentor: John Rosenthal.

Donny Tang '05, "Deletion and Contraction Games: Deriving (Chromatic) Polynomial Identities." Faculty Mentor: Thomas Pfaff.

Jasmine Walker '05, "The Chromatic Polynomial of P2xPn." Faculty Mentor: Thomas Pfaff.

Walter Hannah '06 and Jason Flory '05, "Self-contact in Fractal Trees with Two Scaling Ratios." Faculty Mentor: David Brown.

Robert Mold '06 and Michael Refici '05, "Self-contact in Fractal Trees with Two Branching Angles." Faculty Mentor: David Brown.

Jonathan Mack, '06, "Dynamics of the Exponential Sine Family." Faculty Mentor: David Brown.

Kristiyan Georgiev '07, "Convex Figures in the Euclidean Plane." Faculty Mentor: Zokhrab Mustafaev.