Pre-MBA Summer Modules


Contributed by Donald Eckrich

Even if your undergraduate degree is in a non-business field, you could be enrolled in ICís one-year MBA program as early as fall 2005 and finish course work in June, 2006.

Beginning in just two weeks (May 16), the School of Business will offer a series of four pre-MBA workshops designed specifically for individuals with non-business degrees. Successful completion of all four modules will satisfy the prerequisite course requirements for admission into ICís one-year MBA program. Workshops are scheduled in the evenings to accommodate work schedules. GMATís are not required for enrollment in the pre-MBA modules. IC employees can apply tuition benefits for two modules per summer, provided minimum enrollments are met. Register through the Office of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions.

For registration requirements and module descriptions, visit us on the web at or contact us at [] or 274-7308.