We Have a Winner!


Contributed by Tom Torello

The winners of the first "Why IC" student video contest have been announced.

The competition was fierce. The creative juices flowed. There was much gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands by the judges. In the end only one entry could be chosen as the winner despite many deserving entries.

We are very happy to announce that Joe Nicolosi '06 rocketed to the top of the heap (see his video to get the pun) and he will be impressing his family and friends this summer with a brand new iPod Photo.

Three entries close on the heels of the winner receive an honorable mention (and the less impressive, but still fun, iPod Shuffle): Evan Meaney '07, Mike Potter '07, and Heather Smith '05.

The contest, sponsored by the Office of Marketing Communications, challenged students to submit one minute videos or Flash animations. Students were asked to tell their story of why they chose Ithaca College. Entries were judged on the strength and sincerity of their message and how entertaining they were.

To see the winning entries and several other near winners go to www.ithaca.edu/whyic.