Email Virus Alert


Contributed by Wendy Pearle

If you receive an e-mail message with an attachment that is unexpected, delete the message. DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT. It most likely is a virus.

Certain e-mail viruses are currently getting through our anti-virus protection "wall." ITS is working to correct this, but in the meantime, please use caution with these messages.

Some of these e-mails are being sent from valid Ithaca College email addresses and some are from off campus addresses. All these emails have zip attachments; do not open the attachments or attempt to inspect them.

These recent email viruses seem to be received in different ways. Some have the subject line similar to "Here Are Your Documents", "Something for You" or "Mail Transaction Failed" with a zip file attached. Other messages have unreadable message bodies or have a single line of text stating "the message contains unicode characters and has been sent as a binary attachment." Again, do not open these attachments, simply delete the message.

If you have any questions, please contact the Helpdesk, 4-3282.