Grand Central Cafe Open for the Summer


Contributed by Debra Meeker

Grand Central Cafe is located across from the information desk in the Campus Center. It serves Green Mountain coffee, Freshens Smoothies, frozen yogurt cones and sundaes, and a variety of healthy snack options. Summertime is the right time to treat yourself.

Grab a Smoothie and relax with the refreshing taste of real fruit, mixed with fruit juice and ice. It's sure to hit the spot, on these warm summer days. Or try a Freshens Micro Blast, a soft-serve yogurt blasted with candy pieces. Just perfect for your sweet tooth.

If these specialty items don't tempt your taste buds, never fear. You can always opt for an original sundae or a cone made with delicious soft-serve frozen yogurt.

Grand Central Cafe is open, Monday-Friday, 7:30 am to 2:30 pm, for the entire summer. So stop by for your coffee in the morning and a refreshing treat in the afternoon.