Student Handbook and Legal Notices


Contributed by Brian McAree

The Ithaca College Student Handbook is now on line and may be accessed at

There is a lot of valuable information in the handbook, including policies, residential life information, and the student conduct code, with which you should become familiar.

The College is required by law to provide information related to all federal and New York State laws that are critical for you to know. The Public Safety section of the Student Handbook serves as the College’s annual security report as required by federal law. At the links below, you will find relevant information on personal safety and crime prevention strategies, the law enforcement authority of campus security, policies and procedures for reporting crimes that may occur on campus, sexual assault and hate crime laws, and crime statistics for the most recent three-year period. To maximize your personal safety and the security of your personal belongings, please take time to read the following sections carefully.

• Campus crime statistics and security measures

Public Safety –

Sexual assault legislation –

Hate crimes legislation –

Crime statistics –

• Standards of conduct with respect to illegal drugs and alcohol, description of legal sanctions and health risks, as well as availability of drug and alcohol counseling.

• Information on the sex offender registry and access to related information