Web Site Development


Contributed by John Barr

Do you need to develop a web site outside of the Ithaca College Web Profile

The advanced web programming course (312-205) will be providing free
web site development for organizations again this fall. Students in this
course will help you design (or redesign) your web site and will then implement
the site and train you to maintain the site.

If you're interested in using this service visit
http://www.ithaca.edu/barr/Student/CS205/application.shtml for details
and to fill out an application form. The deadline for applications is
Friday, September 25. You will be notified if your project is selected by 1 October.
Last semester 7 web sites were created for campus people/organizations out of
25 submitted projects.

Please note that we cannot help you develop a web site through the Ithaca College
Web Profile Manager, only sites that are separate from the official Ithaca
College site.