Assistance for Staff & Faculty Affected by Hurricane Katrina


Contributed by Deborah Merriman

Contributed for Cheryl Freer, Director of Benefits

An event such as Hurricane Katrina creates a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety for those both directly and indirectly affected.

The College’s Office of Human Resources and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) want to remind you that it is not unusual to have difficulty managing your feelings after major tragedies. Because everyone experiences stress differently, you shouldn’t compare yourself with others around you or judge other people’s reactions and emotions. Here are some tips for coping with stress:

• Talk about it. By talking with others about the event, you can relieve stress and realize that others share your experience and feelings.

• If you can, help. Giving blood is one example of how you may be able to help even from afar. Helping others can give you a sense of purpose in a situation that feels beyond control.

• Ask for help if you need it. If your stress is so strong it gets in the way of your daily life, talk with someone. Don’t try to go it alone. You can start with a trusted friend, relative or you may want to talk with a mental health professional arranged by the EAP.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

For more information, contact your EAP or Personal Assistant at 800-327-2255