ITS Offers Internet Access for Campus Guests


Contributed by Karen Sunderland

ITS is pleased to announce GuestNet, a new online service which will allow faculty or staff members to easily arrange for Internet access for campus guests they are sponsoring.

Visitors to the college, such as vendors demonstrating software or other people doing temporary business with the college, often require Internet access to conduct their business. ITS has created GuestNet to accommodate the connectivity needs of these visitors. Guests will have the ability to use the IC wireless network (ICAirnet) where available or plug into a wired network jack in any academic, administrative or lab facility.

Faculty and staff members who wish to sponsor a campus guest for Internet access can go to to create a GuestNet account. The process includes filling out a short form to indicate who the guest is and the dates of their visit. The sponsor and the guest will each receive an email confirmation which includes details of the account, steps required to complete the process, and instructions for the guest to follow once they arrive on campus.

Other notes about GuestNet:

We hope that you find this new service beneficial. If you have any questions about GuestNet please contact the Helpdesk.

ITS Helpdesk