“You Make a Difference” Program


Contributed by Deborah Merriman

Contributed for Vicki Estabrook, Director of Employment and Employee Relations

Have you remembered to say “thank you,” lately? Do you still have a few cards and buttons left that have not found their way to one of our awesome staff members? There is still time to recognize the special contributions of your colleagues.

By popular demand, the employee appreciation program, “You make a difference!” has been extended through December 15, 2005. If you gave away all of your cards and buttons (good for you!) and would like a fresh supply, please call the Office of Human Resources at X-41207 or e-mail us at (employment@ithaca.edu), and we will deliver a few more.

Although the number of ways to say “thank you”, “great job”, “I value you as a colleague”, are unlimited, this program should make it a little easier for you to recognize that “job well done” and for employees to proudly display that they “make a difference” here at IC.

In keeping with the spirit of “You make a difference!”, the Office of Human Resources would like to say THANK YOU to our student staff members, Morgan, Esther, Courtney, Chevon, Galina and Ebony, who worked tirelessly making buttons and preparing the packets that were distributed last month, and to Jane Ray who presented the idea and coordinated all aspects of the program.

Please don’t forget to drop us a line at employment@ithaca.edu to share your “thank you” stories about our employees and the difference they are making here every day.