Faculty, Students, and Alumni Present at Recent American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Conference


Contributed by Susan Durnford

School of Health Sciences and Human Performance faculty, students and alumni presented eight poster presentations at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association in San Diego, CA from November 18th-20th, 2005.

Presenters included the following:

Luanne Andersson: Comparison of Three Tests of Preschool Language Development.

Samantha Barber ’04 and Marie Sanford ‘74: International Varieties of English: An Accessible Comparative Analysis.

Liz Begley, Mary Pitti ‘86, M.S. ‘87, Sara Rosenfeld Johnson ’70, and Carrie Cook: We’re In This Together: Collaboration in Clinical Learning

Christine Cecconi: Evidence-Based Practice and Metacognitive Clinical Reasoning During Clinical Education.

Christine Cecconi: Literacy and Event-Based Intervention: Positive Client and Clinician Outcomes.

Susan Durnford, Ellie Buckley, Melinda Cozzolino, Catherine Gooch, Janice Elich Monroe and Donna Twardowski: Interdisciplinary Pre-Service Program Use of the Stroke Impact Scale.

Susan Durnford, Linda Heyne and Lisa Dayton M.S. ’05: Geriatric Transdisciplinary Pre-Service Training for Students in Allied Health Care.

Marie Sanford ‘74 and Dr. David F. Dobies: Phantastic Phonation: Distorted Notions of Human Communication-A Care Review.