Recyclemania 2006: REMP strives to do better


Contributed by Mark Darling

In 2005, Ithaca College placed number one in New York State and number ten in the nation in Recyclemania, a friendly competition among university recycling programs in the United States that provides college communities with a fun, proactive, and effective way to make a positive impact on the environment. A larger field of participating universities and some rule changes will challenge our recycling program.

We will be participating in the Waste Minimization competition, new for 2006, that focuses on overall waste reduction instead of recycling. Schools will compete to see who can generate the lowest waste per capita, which includes both trash and recycling. This competition involves all members of the campus community cutting waste by placing less emphasis on recycling and more focus on reuse and reduction. The results are calculated by taking the volume of acceptable recyclables and adding it to the volume of trash and dividing this number with the population figure. The measurements will come from the entire campus.

Find out more about this competition on web at and by watching for updates and results here on Intercom.