Compensation Program Review Advisory Committee Members


Contributed by Tanisha Malone

Contributed by Tanisha Graves for Cindy Reckdenwald, Director of Compensation & Organizational Design

As you know, Ithaca College has selected the firm of Segal/Sibson to assist with an extensive review and revision of the current compensation program for staff and administration. Karen Hutcheson, Senior Consultant, will lead this project along with Yelena Pozharsky, Associate Consultant.

The first phase of this project begins this week with Karen Hutcheson leading various focus group sessions designed to provide feedback on how our current program is viewed by all levels of our staff, and identify areas in need of change.

An advisory committee has also been convened to provide insight and feedback throughout the project. The members of the advisory committee are: Bill Bartnik, Sybil Conrad, Deb Emnett, John Fracchia, Ed Fuller, Dot Jones, Nick McCabe, Cindy Neal, David Priester, Lori Watkins, and Dianne Zamoiski.

We hope you share our enthusiasm about this important project, and we welcome your participation and input throughout the process.