New Student Leadership Institute Session: Communication Styles


Contributed by Kelly Stevens

As a part of the Student Leadership Institute, Kelly Stevens and members of the LEAD Team will present a free session entitled “Communication Styles” on Monday, March 13 at 7:00 p.m. in the Clark Lounge.

Noble, Socratic, Reflective, Senator, Magistrate or Candidate. Which one are you? In this session, participants will explore their own communication style and identify which of the six styles they use most frequently.

The Student Leadership Institute is a free ongoing series of workshop sessions designed around topics in leadership and is intended for all Ithaca College students. Presented by the Center for Student Leadership & Involvement, you can learn more about the Student Leadership Institute by visiting the Center website at or calling 274-3222.

Presented by Kelly Stevens, Erin Grosstephan, Amanda Schlenker, Chris Laurence, Stephanie Elowson, and Fred Chandra