Park Student Media Win Best in Show


Contributed by Michael Serino

The Ithacan and ICTV were awarded Apple Awards for Best of Show in their respective categories at the Spring National College Media Convention in New York last weekend. Each newspaper or station enters a single issue or tape in the competition.

This is the fifth year the Apple Award has been presented at the spring conference. The Ithacan has won it three of those five years (2002, 2004, 2006), as has ICTV (2003, 2005, 2006).

The Ithacan entered the paper's October 27 issue, which featured a front-page centerpiece, "The Chicken or the Egg," by Stacey Coburn 06; an Accent front,"Cutting the Cord," by Katie Maslanka 06; a Sports front, "The Biggest Name in Town," by Jeff Morganteen 07; and a photo essay, "Faces of Fall," by Sasha Israel 07. Elizabeth Quill 06 is the paper's editor-in-chief.

The winning Newswatch 16 Newscast, recorded Tuesday, March 14, included a reporter presence in Rochester with President Bush, as well as a local reaction to Bush's Medicare Plan. The show also featured a story about the 20th anniversary of NYFarmnet, a group that helps local poor farmers. The show was produced by Aaron Inver '06. The news director was Jared Wiener '06. Anchors were Jeff Gould '06 and Marie Luby '08.