LGBT Awareness Wednesdays: April 12 and 19


Contributed by Michelle Dirmyer

On each Wednesday in April up until the Day of Silence (Wednesday, April 26, 2006), show your support for the LGBT community by sporting gold or yellow.

Why these colors? Because gold and yellow symbolize sunlight. Sunlight illuminates issues that are in the dark - in the closet. Sunlight can infiltrate any space, even the darkest of closets. Be that glimmer of sunlight for someone trapped in the closet and wear gold or yellow on 4/12 and 4/19. prism has a very limited number of gold and yellow t-shirts remaining. For information about getting a t-shirt, please contact Joe Wladkowski, president of prism, at []. In the likely case that we run out of shirts, please don't let this stop you from showing your support. Anything gold or yellow will do just fine!

Got questions? Contact Joe Wladkowski '06 at [].