Anniversary of the Erase the Hate Rally...Wear Green


Contributed by April Richardson

This year we will reflect on the progression of the Erase the Hate Rally. We ask that everyone come to the Free Speech Rock to receive and wear their green bands (representing peace) in support of the effort to erase hate. There will be literature provided that will describe what the college has done to eradicate hate at IC.

Dear Erase the Hate Rally Supporters,

As you all know, April 14 will be the 1 year anniversary of the Erase the Hate Rally. In commemoration of this monumental day, the Ithacan has
decided to write an article honoring this event.

The ETH task force has decided to table at the Free Speech Rock and post flyers informing people of what has happened after the rally and Ithaca Colleges steps towards erasing the hate.

We have decided to table this Friday in which information would be available at peoples’ disposal of what the rally was about and what has been accomplished. We will provide green strips of material for people to wear on their arm in support of our vision that has come from the ETH rally. We are also trying to fly the erase the hate flag on this Friday.

The flyers will consist of bullets outlining Ithaca College’s responses to the demands made last year as well as information where people can pick up
green support strips. The green strips will symbolize peace and progression, which is the message that we are relaying. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

Thank you for all your hard work and support,

The Erase the Hate Task Force