Changes in the Provostís Office


Contributed by Cindy Neal

From Peter W. Bardaglio, provost and vice president for academic affairs:

With the new academic year just around the corner, I wanted to inform you of important changes I am making in the Provostís Office.

Effective immediately, Cindy Neal assumes the duties and responsibilities of my chief of staff.

In this capacity, she will engage on my behalf in a wide range of campus meetings and events, and serve as my primary liaison with members of the campus community. Cindyís involvement as my representative in these functions ensures that the Provostís office is fully engaged in and briefed on the valuable work taking place throughout our campus. Cindy will also facilitate scheduling, work assignments, and reporting within the Provostís office. I thank Cindy for taking on this new role and thank you in advance for your support.

To facilitate the most expeditious and comprehensive response to requests, comments, and concerns, I encourage you to contact me at or call the Provostís office at 274-3113.

My goal for these enhancements is to promote a new framework within the Provostís office that is timely and responsive to the constituents we serve.

We are moving forward this fall on a full agenda of very exciting but demanding strategic initiatives. I am confident these changes will allow my office to better serve the diverse needs of Ithaca College in an efficient and effective manner.