You've Been Spotted!


Contributed by Mark Darling

For the next two weeks REMP will be rewarding members of the campus community who are carrying a reusable mug.

The Resource and Environmental Management Program (REMP) and Ithaca
College Dining services are kicking off the “Spot-a-Mug” campaign this
week (8/30/06 to 9/8/06). Be spotted carrying a refillable coffee mug on
campus by either the IC dining services staff or the Resource Reps for
REMP and they will present you with a coupon for one free 16 oz cup of
coffee in your refillable mug! You can be spotted at anytime, so be on
your toes, and keep your mug with you! Please encourage everyone you know
to use a refillable travel mug in order to reduce the waste IC produces.
This campaign is a thank you for making sustainable choices, so enjoy your
coffee and keep making your impact on the earth positive!