Is your roommate not planning to return to IC's campus in the spring?


Contributed by Jen Richardson

The Office of Residential Life has Vacancy Forms available for students to fill out and return to our office - regardless of whether or not you think you will have a vacancy in your room/apartment over the break.

These forms are used by residents to indicate to the Office of Residential Life that the space being left by their current roommate should be filled with a friend who is either currently living on-campus or is participating in an away from campus program. We encourage all students (except those in single rooms) to fill out a vacancy form - frequently vacancies occur without your knowing it over the break. All residents remaining the in room/apartment need to sign the form verifying that they are okay with the student who is moving in.

Any rooms with vacancies where the remaining resident has not submitted a vacancy form will be filled by students coming back from away from campus programs, students in temporary housing, and new students to the college.

Vacancy Forms are due to the Office of Residential Life no later than Thursday, December 21st at 5pm.