Computer Training Workshops Week of Feb. 12th


Contributed by Beth Rugg

The Spring 2007 workshop schedule is up and running! The ITS Workshop Program can help you learn new computer skills or brush up on programs you already know.

The schedule for the week of February 12th is:
• Monday Feb. 12th 10:00 am– Introduction to Photoshop Elements
• Monday Feb. 12th 3:00 pm– Computer Use: Computer Protection
• Tuesday Feb. 13th 11:00 am– Office Productivity: Excel Databases
• Tuesday Feb. 13th 3:00 pm – Introduction to iMovie
• Wednesday Feb. 14th 2:00 pm – Web Design: Unified Design
• Thursday Feb. 15th 3:00 pm – Office Productivity: Powerpoint Multimedia and Animation
• Friday Feb. 16th 10:00 am – Office Productivity: Word Merge

To sign-up for one of these workshops, go to the Technology Learning Center website, . All workshops are held in Friends 101.