Bursar's Benefit Auction: Just What's Cookin' in the Bursar's Office?


Contributed by Anne Woodard

When we last left you, several celebrities were speaking in hushed tones about some sort of "famous chef" lurking about. We sent one of our auctioneers and a staff member hot on the trail to Savannah GA where there was rumored to be more to the story. This is their report.

"Hey, do you see what I see?" the auctioneer gasped. "There is Paula Deen herself signing cookbooks!!!" "No way!" "Way!!!" The auction ambassadors quickly made their way around Paula's famous Lady and Sons Restaurant and snagged a signed cookbook and restaurant magnet on the way out the door. Look for both as a set in the upcoming auction!

If Paula's delicacies don't tickle your fancy, look at some of the other food related things we have in store for you: several gift baskets that incorporate food items, gourmet coffee, a gourmet apple pie, gourmet chocolate chip cookies, gift certificates to local restaurants, overnight stays at local hotels that come with complementary breakfasts, Purity ice cream, and wine. If all of the above are making your waistband increase just by reading them, never fear...to counteract the effects of the food frenzy we have also a one year membership to the Wellness Clinic and certificates from the Fitness Center! Have the best of both worlds in one fell swoop!

We are now officially into Auction Month! How much money do you have saved up? Start shaking those piggy banks, picking up spare change off the ground, and turning in empty bottles and cans...you don't really want to be outbid by that confident bidder nextdoor, do you?

The Bursar's Benefit Auction will be held on March 28 in the Clark Lounge of the Campus Center. The silent auction will begin in the morning and end at noon. The live auction, featuring the fabulous Sam (fresh back from Savannah) and Duane (fresh back from Dillingham) will start at 12:30 p.m. and end at 1:30 p.m. In between there will be raffles, prize balloons (everyone a guaranteed winner!) and more! What are you waiting for...mark you calendar! As always, stay tuned to Intercom for your most up to date auction bulletins. See you soon!