Self-Injury Workshop, Monday, March 26


Contributed by Priscilla Quirk

Cutting to Cope: Understanding Self-Injury and How to Stop the Cycle
Monday, March 26, 7:00 p.m., Clark Lounge

Cutting or burning yourself, interfering with the healing of wounds, hitting or bruising yourself, and biting your fingernails excessively are all forms of self-injury.

Self-injury is the act of physically hurting yourself on purpose without the intent of committing suicide. It is a method of coping during an emotionally difficult time that helps some people temporarily feel better because they have a way to physically express and release the tension and the pain they hold inside.

Learn more about self-injury, resources for help, and how to respond to a friend who might be hurting her/himself.

A panel presentation by: Dr. Vivian Lorenzo, Hammond Health Center; Suki Montgomery, counseling center; Linda Koenig, residential life, and a self-injurer in recovery.

Sponsored by the Health Promotion Committee