Leigh Ann Vaughn and Psychology Students Present Research


Contributed by Bernard Beins

Leigh Ann Vaughn and her Social Judgment Research team students (Nate Baum, Jolie Baumann, Christine Dosch, Colin Flynn, Christine Klemann, Jessica Nuzzetti, Bernis Ozses, Jennifer Rodgers, Lisa Schlessinger, and Adam Weber) presented three posters about their research at the annual convention of the Eastern Psychological Association in Philadelphia.

The presentations included:

"Mood and Regulatory Focus: Evidence of Value from Fit," which explored the role of mood on the way people set goals.

"Processing Fluency and Mental Transportation via Narratives," which investigated the effect of difficulty of cognitive processing on how people are transported with different types of stories.

"Regulatory Focus and Openness to Experience," which studied the relationship between openness to experience and one's engagement with hopes or duties.

This professional conference draws attendees and presenters from colleges and universities across the northeastern United States and from several foreign countries. The students were fully supported by an Ithaca Fund Grant of $1,000 awarded to Leigh Ann Vaughn.