IC Entrepreuners Guest Speaker


Contributed by Miguel Ferreira

Wednesday at 7:30 PM in CNS 112 - Gregg Aversa

Hello All!

We cordially invite you to join us ICE this Wednesday at 7:30 PM in CNS 112 when Gregg Aversa, the CEO of Sage Corporation will be speaking about his opportunities at Ithaca College and how they have prepared him to become a life long Entrepreneur. In addition he will be discussing the constant demand placed on entrepreneurs to gain ground throughout the world using innovative concepts and ideas.

There will be free food, pizza, so be sure to make it there before its all gone!

Event Details:

Who: Gregg Aversa, CEO of Sage Corporation
Where: CNS 112
When: 7:30 PM
Additional: FREE PIZZA!

So please take a break from studying, invite your friends, and join ICE and Gregg Aversa to learn about exciting issues facing entrepreneurs today!

Questions? Please contact:

Miguel Ferreira
President of Ithaca College Entrepreneurs